The podcast is hosted on Github so everyone can either fork it into their own project and/or simply make an pull request to add new content. Please note the license requirements below.
Audio Files should be hosted not direct on Github but instead on another server like Archive.org to allow a wide range of audio formats (mp3, ogg etc.).
For content contributors unfamiliar with the process of pull requests, please get in contact directly and request help of how to send your files by email or another way.


The idea of this podcast is to be as useful for other projects as possible. Therefore, all audio files are required to be licensed under Creative-Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (cc-by-4.0). This allows others to use parts of this podcast for their own projects without need to ask for permission, as long as they: Additional material that is not part of the audio file itself but part of the shownote site of an episode, such as podcast description, text, images, video etc must also be licensed under a cc-by 4.0 or a cc-by-sa 4.0 license. Source Code examples must be free licensed under a GPL-v3 license or under a more liberal software license.